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  • All orders and related information in one place
  • Branded portal for customers to place and track orders
  • Customizable to capture unique order processes

Solving complex order workflows in diverse industries

Glen Raven
GEE Limited

Customer Story

How Strata Geosystems used Decorum to improve their Order Management Process and Customer Experience

Glen Raven is an industrial fabric manufacturing company, headquartered in North Carolina. They moved from emails to Decorum to ease the ordering process for their customers.

Glen Raven

Since the implementation of Decorum, our customers have really responded to the ease of use, convenience, and professionalism that this adds to their ordering process. Our customer service team is relieved by the level of integration that Decorum brings to help streamline their order-entry methods. The team at Decorum is professional, helpful, and willing to customize for various applications. They are very easy to work with to make Decorum the best customer experience on both sides.

Halley Smith

Halley SmithDirector of Operations

Strata is a market leader in geosynthetic segment for soil reinforcement solutions. They adopted Decorum to reduce back-and-forth communication with their customers.


Our order process was quite complex with several product variables. This resulted in a lot of offline communication. We were looking to build a custom order management portal when we stumbled upon Decorum. Decorum has helped map out our complicated process and automate it, easing several operational tasks.

Gautam Dalmia

Gautam DalmiaChief Development Officer

Sobisco, a major food and beverage company, onboarded their 1000+ distributors and 40+ salespersons onto Decorum to manage all orders on a single platform.


Decorum has eliminated communication errors and provided complete transparency through all departments of our organization and also with our customers. The integration with Tally is saving us hours of redundant work everyday. I highly recommend it.

Anshul Agarwal

Anshul AgarwalDirector of Business Development

GEE Limited is a world-class manufacturer of welding consumables. They deployed Decorum in their organization to speed up the order-to-dispatch process.

GEE Limited

Decorum has dramatically improved our order process. With everyone having to check only one place for order details, we have eliminated all operational errors. The management is aware of what’s happening at any given point in all our offices and manufacturing units, and has access to useful reports.

Shankar Lal Agarwal

Shankar Lal AgarwalChairman

Unsystematic order management is hurting your business

Your team is exhausted with over communication, and customers disappointed with lack of timely communication. Doing repetitive tasks everyday is lowering your team’s productivity, acting as a hidden cost to your company.

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  • Orders and related information are scattered across calls, emails, messages, and paper documents
  • You’re wasting time and resources in back-and-forth communication internally and with customers
  • Your customers are unhappy with infrequent updates on the status of their orders
  • Your team is making errors while fulfilling orders
Decorum is a comprehensive solution that makes your order process hassle-free and error-free

is a comprehensive solution that makes your order process hassle-free and error-free

Create a better order experience for your customers, your team, and yourself with Decorum

Power up your sales team with Decorum CRM

Your sales team is the link between the customers and the company. Equip them with tools they need to boost sales and best serve your customers.

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  • Access all lead and customer associated information in real-time
  • Track opportunities seamlessly till the end of your sales funnel
  • Capture customer orders on-the-go
  • Get detailed reports on key activities and focus on sales success

We care about your Decorum journey, from start to finish

Quick onboarding

With quick data entry and user-friendly design, get up and running with Decorum in just a few weeks.

Integration friendly

Link Decorum with your company’s existing ERP or accounting tools to avoid duplicate work, eliminate errors and streamline the entire order workflow.

Secure data

Be at peace about your company’s valuable data - it is encrypted and securely stored on Google Cloud with multi-region replication.

First-class support

We are champions of service and will be available on call, email and message anytime you need us.

Orders are the core of your business. Bring Decorum to them.

If you’re a manufacturer or dealer looking to make B2B order management systematic in your organization, let’s talk to explore Decorum for your business.